Glossary of Terms in Healthcare Technology

Medical technology often refers to electronic or mechanical devices used to alleviate pain, reduce the risk of disease or extend the life of patients. There are a variety of terms used in connection with this field. A Automated External Defibrillators or AEDs An electronic device used to restart the heart … Continue reading

The Cutting Edge of Healthcare: Healthcare Informatics

The field of health informatics is rapidly growing as new technological innovations streamline the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and manipulation of biomedical data. Many new careers rely on a comprehensive technological knowledge of all the aspects of health informatics, and this field represents one of the fastest growing and most lucrative … Continue reading

Health Informatics Salary Range

Health informatics focuses on the study of healthcare knowledge and management of how this information can be implemented in the industry to benefit both patient and physician. Individuals in the health informatics field analyze information and communication systems within the healthcare industry, aiding in the enhancement of patient care and experience … Continue reading