Restylane Dermal Filler: Not Ready to Show Your Age?

Firm, supple skin. You had it when you were young, but now? Not so much. As the years have passed, your skin, once loaded with hyaluronic acid, has lost its firm, supple quality. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. If you’re ready for a refresher, look to Restylane!

Restylane is more than just one type of dermal filler; it’s a whole brand of dermal fillers. Although each product was created to address a specific need, they all have one thing in common; they are injection-based facial fillers made with Hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring acid that resides in your connective tissue and your skin. Its main job is to retain water so your skin stays well lubricated and moist.

Restylane Does It All

If you are looking for a brand of dermal fillers that can take care of all of your needs, Restylane is your go-to.

Lines Around Your Mouth

Do you want to minimize the lines around your mouth? Restylane Silk and Restylane Defyne were specifically designed to reduce those fine wrinkles around your mouth.

Plump Up Your Lips

Are you looking to plump up your lips? Restylane Silk to the rescue!

Hollowed Cheeks

Have your cheeks hollowed as you have aged? Restylane Lyft will bring back volume and fullness to your cheeks and other areas that may have slowly caved over time.

Dark Circles

Sick of those dark circles under your eyes? Restylane will lighten the load.

Diminish Wrinkles

Ready to smooth out facial folds and diminish wrinkles? Restylane, Restylane Refyne, and Restylane Defyne can help bring back smooth, youthful-looking skin.

Trust Us

With so many products to choose from, how do you choose the right ones for you? Don’t worry!

We are knowledgeable about the Restylane brand and we have experience administering Restylane injectables. We know the products that will provide the results you desire.

Turn Up The Volume

You may be wondering how Restylane works. Hyaluronic acid and water make up Restylane.

When we inject it under your skin, the Hyaluronic Acid clings to the skin to hold it in place while the water fills up the space to provide volume. And there it is, and instant lift!

But Restylane doesn’t stop there! Hyaluronic acid also attracts more water, which makes the volume-boosting lift last longer.

This makes Restylane perfect for filling in areas where you may have lost some collagen or your skin is lax.

Treatments Are Quick and Require No Downtime

You can get a Restylane treatment in the comfort of our office. This injectable treatment requires no incisions, but we may use a local anesthetic to minimize any discomfort.

Here’s how the procedure will go:

  • Discuss your goals and your desired results with us.
  • We select the areas to target and determine how many injections will be required.
  • We clean the target areas with antiseptic and uses an ultra-fine needle to inject Restylane into the targeted areas.

The amount of time the treatment takes depends on how much work you are having done and how many injections you will receive.

Generally, the procedure will last a few minutes to a half-hour. There is no downtime, so you can return to work when you’re done.

If you have serval injections done at once, you may want to go easy on yourself and take the afternoon to recover.

After Treatment

Some swelling, redness or bruising is typical, and you can expect these to dissipate within a week. To prevent additional bruising or swelling, limit your sun exposure.

Healing time can vary depending on:

  • Your body’s healing process.
  • How many injections we provide.
  • Where we inject the product.

After you fully heal, you can resume life as normal!

Immediate Results

Effects are usually seen immediately after treatment. Within a week, you can expect to see full results.

Be aware the results of Restylane treatments aren’t permanent. Depending on the Retlane product we use, you can expect results to last anywhere from 6 to 18 months. To maintain the results, you will need consistent injections.

Risks and Side Effects

Restylane has minor risks and side effects Every procedure has a few! And Restylane is no different.


Risks include:

  • Some bruising or bleeding at the injection site
  • Infection
  • Some irregularities in the firmness of your skin
  • Allergic reaction

Side Effects

Side effects include:

  • swelling
  • itching or pain at the injection site
  • tenderness
  • bruising
  • headache

If you experience any of these side effects, you can expect them to subside 7 to 18 days, depending on the treatment area.

It’s important to talk with us before receiving a Restylane injection if you have ever experienced severe side effects from any medications or drugs.

Minimize Bruising

To minimize bruising, avoid the following medicines and supplements for two weeks before your appointment:

  • aspirin
  • vitamin E
  • fish oil
  • ibuprofen (Motrin)
  • John’s wort

Consider Arnica

Taking arnica before and after the procedure is also an excellent way to minimize bruising and swelling. You can purchase arnica over the counter at drugstores or health food stores.

Restylane Isn’t Right for Everyone

Although safe for most people, Restylane isn’t safe for people who:

  • Are immunocompromised
  • Have an allergy to bacterial protein
  • Take blood thinners
  • Are under 21
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding

If you have any questions about whether you are a good candidate for Restylane, contact us today!

Cost of Treatment

You will purchase Restylane by the syringe. Each syringe of Restylane costs $275, on average. Generally speaking, most procedures to cost between $275 and $700.

You can’t really estimate how much your treatment will be before you visit with us. We will give you an estimate based on your treatment plan.

Keep in mind Restylane injections are considered a cosmetic procedure, which means traditional health insurance companies do not cover them.

However, at times we offer financing plans to make it more financially feasible. Are you ready to pump up the volume? Contact us today!


FDA Disclaimer. This information on this site is for education purposes only. These statements and testimonials are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The statements made regarding some or all products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Please consult a physician or other health care professional for your specific health care and/or medical needs or concerns.  
Article Name
Restylane Dermal Filler: Not Ready to Show Your Age?
Firm, supple skin. You had it when you were young, but now? Not so much. As the years have passed, your skin, once loaded with hyaluronic acid, has lost its firm, supple quality. But it doesn't have to stay that way. If you're ready for a refresher, look to Restylane!

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